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Sunday, October 25, 2015

This month has been so busy - I just want a moment to catch my breath, but I have no moments.  It's not been bad, just...a lot.  Things started with the Atlanta Cheese Festival, which was a lovely, wonderful evening but which does not lend itself to interesting narrative.  'Ate a great cheese sample, moved two feet to the left, sampled another great cheese, took two steps further, ate some delicious lovely cheese' is what happened, but isn't scintillating reading.

I was preparing for the 40th birthday of one of my besties, which consumed a lot of time what with the making of lists, the shopping for items, the cooking of foods, the doing of things, and the incessant re-checking of lists which I must do if I'm planning anything.  In the course of this, her husband and I decided to buy a large fresh flower arrangement to use as a centerpiece and in researching which one, I found this bargain on ProFlowers that I bought for myself - all these Peruvian lilies for $19!

This is what they looked like when they arrived.

This is what they looked like a week after that.

And another week after that.  

And just a few minutes ago - they've stayed lush and lovely for so long!  It's been wonderful.

This is the arrangement Matt and I chose for Tammy's birthday:  french country

Sigh...I dunno...I was so happy when I sat down to blog, full of fun things to share, stories and pictures, anecdotes, but my computer (or more precisely, its OS which I fervently wish I'd never even heard of, much less downloaded) has me so frustrated and defeated - it's taken so damn long to write two paragraphs and upload four pictures thanks to motherfucking Yosemite, you can't imagine.  I wanted to share much more and a timely book recommendation but I think I'm just giving up.  


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