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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I've been pretty bummed out lately.  Around my birthday, I had three minor disappointments - trivial pleasures I hoped we could do which didn't work out for one reason or another, but now three major things to which I've been greatly looking forward for months and months aren't going to happen.

Last year, for our anniversary in May we spent a long weekend at the Ritz Carlton downtown. It was so relaxing and luxurious, and the food on club level is simply amazing.  We spent a day at the Georgia Aquarium and had a wonderful time.  We talked several times about wanting to repeat this activity every year for our anniversary (even if not on the actual date) and kinda have the Ritz/Aquarium be our "thing".  This May, however, we weren't able to go: the month was crazy busy, we both had car repairs (mine majorly upsetting and disruptive) and the weekend obligations continued such that we weren't able to reschedule for anytime in the near future.

At some point we decided to do the mini-trip toward the end of September, ostensibly for my birthday present, which falls in mid-September but it is much easier and less stressful for me to be away from work at the very end or beginning of a month instead of midway through; too many reports and billing and whatnot due then.  I consoled myself with putting off the break by thinking things like, "Oh, the weather will be cooler at the end of September, much better for walking around downtown,", "The kids will all be back in school; maybe it will be less crowded."

Last November, we went to Upstate Steampunk in South Carolina and had a blast. This year, my brother is one of the organizers, it's going to be in Greenville instead of Anderson and it has been renamed "Gaslight Fantasia" which I think is a lovely, lyrical name.  It is going to be November 7 - 8 and I was so very excited about going.  I hoped to stay a couple of days after the con to spend time with Bo and Sarah.

Now we're not going to get to do either.

A year ago or so, I thought Mister Fusspot was getting a cataract in one eye.  Dr. Mike confirmed this and we were instructed to monitor it closely, especially if one started in the other;  he could get by with vision in one eye so he might not need surgery, but it would be better, if he has to have surgery, to do both eyes at once instead of two separate operations/recoveries.  Things were getting worse and after his annual checkup, we took him to a veterinary ophthalmologist for a consult and tests.  His surgery is set for mid-November, but he needs pre-surgery treatment in the meantime. We have friends nearby with whom we reciprocate pet care when one or the other of us goes out of town, but it's one thing to have them check on the pups for a couple days, monitor their food and water supply, change pee pads if needed, but giving him a pill every day and drops in his eyes three times a day? That's too much to ask, and even if it weren't, they couldn't do it as both work outside the home.

Don't get me wrong:  I will be the first to say, and truly honestly mean from the bottom of my heart, that that little fellow and his health are far, far more important than my weekend jaunts.  Making sure he has the best care and the best chance of a successful surgery outweigh my social life and I would never make a different choice. But the thing is, that doesn't mean I'm not still disappointed that those trips aren't going to happen.

His appointment with the specialist was on September 8, and for little while I tried to bolster my spirits with the thought that the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra season would soon be starting.  My mom and I have season tickets; we arrive early to have wine and a light dinner at this cozy little bistro attached to the Woodruff Arts Center prior to the performance.  We usually share a fruit, cheese and cracker plate but sometimes split a sandwich or other appetizers, have a glass of wine and chat.  It's so nice to have some time to do "just the two of us" outings, and we both enjoy the symphony so.

Yeah, not so much.  The orchestra players and management are in a contract dispute and the musicians have been locked out.  Opening night was supposed to be September 24, but concerts have been cancelled through mid-November (at least - more will be cancelled if they can't reach an accord soon).  The President and CEO resigned yesterday, so who knows if or when they'll be able to resume any of the season? Aaaand, to rub a little salt and lemon juice into the wound, when I looked at the schedule to see which performances we'd be missing, among them are Beethoven 9 and Debussy's La Mer - two of my absolute favorites.



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