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Sunday, June 22, 2014

We went on a shopping spree today!!! That's very unusual for us because we are not very fashion-concsious, neither of us like spending "we don't have to" money, we aren't exactly trendy.  But thanks to several christening, baptism, graduation and milestone gifts we had to buy, we had well over $100 in "rewards cash" from a store at the mall, and I wanted to use it before expiry.

Alan got a spiffy black pocket watch.

With his initials engraved on!

I got a pink leather bracelet with a diamond heart that had an "H" on!

The best part was, all of it was FREE!!!

Alan bought some black-on-black low-top Chucks.  And some standard low-top Chucks, not pictured.

Walking through the mall, waiting for our stuff to be engraved, I saw the greatest pair of Doc Martens EVAH.  I mean, how could one resist?  

Of course one couldn't.  


I'm just sayin'.


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