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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

We sometimes go literally years without going out to hear live music, but starting with X last Monday (the 18th) at Center Stage, we have one concert a month until November - even longer if you count going to the Atlanta Symphony with my mom (I have season tickets).  We hadn't seen X since 2008 at House of Blues in Las Vegas so it was great to hear them again.  They were in great form and did many of my favorites.

There was an opening act of which I'd not previously heard, Not In The Face out of Austin, TX.  Many times at concerts, I'm just sitting there waiting for the opening band to STFU so I can hear the band I paid for, but these guys were great - straightforward rock and roll.  We enjoyed their set immensely and stopped by the swag table after the show to buy their CDs.  They have two and we purchased both.  I was listening to the latest one on my morning commute, in fact.

This weekend is DragonCon but it looks like we won't be attending any Con events.  I still get to see my brother and his wife, though - they're staying an extra day and everyone is hanging out at my mom's house on Tuesday.  I have that day off in addition to Labor Day (and 14 more vacation days I have to use before year-end - where did the summer go???) so that will be fun.

The other upcoming shows:

Jeff Tweedy, Georgia Theatre, 09/19/14 - I'm a little disappointed by this one - not the concert, I'm sure that will be great and I'm excited to hear Jeff's new material.  But I'd wanted to stay in Athens overnight, at this nice hotel downtown within walking distance, have a nice breakfast, hit Wuxtry and maybe a couple of other stores, then meet up with Mark and Nancy for lunch.  UGA Football had other ideas, however, and there are no hotel vacancies anywhere for miles.  The concert will still be fun, though.

Gaslight Anthem, Buckhead Theatre, 10/07/14 - Really looking forward to hearing them live for the first time.

The New Pornographers, Buckhead Theatre, 11/06/14 - I need to familiarize myself with their stuff.  Alan is a fan of Nico Case, who plays with The New Pornographers when she's not busy with solo material, so we want to check them out.

I really need to find something awesome to attend in December, so we can have a concert a month until year-end...not a Christmas concert, though - not a big fan of Christmas music. 

It's not a concert, but I'm also looking forward to the Atlanta Cheese Festival on October 3, 2014.  I love me some cheese!  In addition to samples, they sell the products (over 100 vendors!) so I'm gonna need a bigger backpack - a much bigger backpack.  I paid extra for VIP tickets so I could attend a wine tasting/cheese pairing event during the show.  Drooling on keyboard...

So, lots of fun things coming up!


  • Atlanta Cheese Festival sounds like my kind event! Enjoy that and all those concerts!

    By Blogger Nancy H, at 8:08 PM  

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