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Monday, March 10, 2014

Sticker Shock

On Saturday we went grocery shopping, as we normally do each Saturday.  I had a vague sense that our bill was higher than normal, but I'd purchased wine, which I usually buy at the warehouse club at a cheaper price; however, there was nothing else we needed from the warehouse store this week, so I just got the wine at Publix.  I figured that was the cause, though I didn't give it much thought or analysis - just, 'oh, yeah, it's probably the wine'.

Once we got home and put our purchases away, Alan tossed the receipt onto the counter.  Later in the afternoon, he happened to glance at it, and much to our shock and surprise, we had spent OVER TWENTY DOLLARS on pineapple!  Seriously.  Pineapple. Not prime rib or foie gras or truffles - pineapple.  Each week, we buy a container of cut watermelon, or pineapple, or one of each.  We eat a lot of fruit - heck, I had to buy a second lead-crystal Waterford fruit bowl because one couldn't contain a week's worth of our fruit.

Keep in mind this is after Alan has eaten three days' worth of apples; I prefer the clementines.

It never occurred to us to look at the price, the way we do when buying meats.

We often buy meat in bulk at the warehouse store, or decide which cuts to buy based on what's on sale, but it never in a million years crossed my mind that this dish of pineapple would be more than three or four bucks, that I even needed to check.  It was a regular sized container, too, not a fifty-gallon drum of pineapple.

See?  It's the larger sized container, yes, but $10.68?!?  And we bought two.  Sheesh.  Every time I've seen him eating a piece, I have mock-admonished Alan that he really really needed to enjoy that pineapple nom, or he's commented that he is savoring every morsel of his delicious fruit.
This was a photo I took a few weeks ago before The Pineapple Realization, just because I thought it was funny that we needed two fruit bowls for just the two of us, and also the apples were pretty.

Both lead-crystal fruit bowls were purchased from Macy's.  Y'know, in case Macy's appreciates product placement and wants to give me another one.  Because obviously we're going to need more of these bowls and less of the plastic refrigerated containers, and at this point Waterford crystal is cheaper than pineapple.


  • I would never have guessed pineapple would be so expensive! Shocking indeed!

    By Blogger Nancy H, at 7:55 PM  

  • Next it's Avocados! Apparently there's a major shortage. Although Mexico seems to say otherwise.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:38 AM  

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