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Friday, November 01, 2013

Last week we went to hear Neko Case with opening act Karen Elson.  I'd not heard much of Neko or anything of Karen's, but Alan is a big Neko fan.  As it happens, my company does a lot of business with the concert venue in question, so my contact/buddy hooked us up with free tickets...very SHWEEEET free tickets.
We had great seats.

I didn't take any pictures while people were onstage playing.  I'm given to understand such is ill-mannered.
 This is a wide shot of the revamped, redecorated Buckhead Theatre.  I think it's very pretty.
There is a lot of pretty architectural detail and it's very clean (clean is a Big Thing for me.)

I liked Karen's set so much that at intermission I went down and bought her CD.  Alan already has all or most of Neko's CDs.  It was lovely to hear Kelly Hogan again, formerly of The Jody Grind, now Neko's backup singer - Kelly's an Atlanta original.

We had dinner at Fado beforehand - loud, but great food and wonderful service.  They were very quick and attentive once they learned we needed to be down the street at a certain time.  Then, at intermission while I was buying us some drinks, Alan saw just behind us in line a lady he'd worked with years ago.  Like him, she was a former chef turned computer geek.  We visited with her and her wife for a bit and are trying to make plans to meet up for dinner soon.  It was cool running into someone from the past, and they were very nice and friendly.  It was a great night all around.


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