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Saturday, November 30, 2013

I haven't posted in some time because 'sat in horrible traffic, had a hellish day at work, came home, ate dinner, went to bed, lather rinse repeat' doesn't make for scintillating reading.  Then I had a couple of really great, fun adventures but I didn't have time to post because, well, adventures.

On Friday the 15th, we headed for Anderson, SC for Upstate Steampunk.  My brother's band was a featured performer; he was a panelist and an organizer.  It was tons of fun.  The hotel was very nice and I enjoyed perusing the vendors' wares.  I went to a couple of interesting panels.  I'd have liked to have attended more, and hope to do so next year.

Here is me in the best of my 3 steampunk outfits.  I got Sarah a cutaway coat like this one and there are several pictures of us together in our matching coats, but none on my phone, all on Bo's so I can't share at this time.
My inaugural outing as the Upstate Steampunk tarot reader went very well, with one exception.  One lady said my interpretation didn't fit her situation and wasn't at all helpful, but I think from her remarks that she went into it hoping to prove me wrong so she could leave feeling that she was a much better reader (she reads cards too).  That's fine with me, she can have it - she wins.  Because 4 other people I read for made remarks about how my interpretation fit their lives or their questions, made comments like, "Interesting," and "Oh, I see!"  And two others were extremely impressed and effusive in their praise.  I was describing situations, influences and people that I could see in no way having relevance to these particular people, but at a few different points in their readings, they stopped to tell me how incredibly apt it was (and one in a particularly mind-blowing way)!  So it's those six people I'm taking away from the experience, with the two I seemed to have really helped that I'm dwelling on the most, not sour grapes woman.

After the con was over, instead of returning to Atlanta we headed to Greenville to spend some time with Bo and Sarah.  Greenville is an absolutely lovely little town, very clean, lots of great independent restaurants (nearly every one of which makes their own microbrew) and lots of interesting little boutiques.  We stayed here and it was lovely, clean and quiet.  On Sunday evening we went here for drinks and snacks.  Microbrews are quite the thing in Greenville, and while I don't dislike beer, I don't know it like I know wine.  Therefore, I deferred to my brother to choose beers I'd probably like, as he knows my taste.

At Carolina Ale House the first night, he and the waitress got into quite a conversation about choosing an ale for me - or a lager or a pilsner, who knows.  Much discussion of hoppy versus malty or yeasty ensued.  In the end, they settled on three for me and she was going to bring small tasting samples so I could choose which one I wanted.  But the bartender misunderstood and this happened.

She refused to charge us for any of them, though I would have happily paid because I drank the one I liked best, Bo drank the one I liked the least (though it was still quite good) and he and I kinda split the third, though I drank most of it.

But yeah, talk about your two-fisted drinkers - I can outdo 'em!  (And that margarita glass in the background was mine too, I must admit.)

The next day, Monday, was absolutely beautiful - just perfect spring weather.  My brother's office is next door to our hotel so we walked over and met some of his co-workers who were nice and friendly.  After that, we walked around downtown Greenville and this incredibly lovely park.

Fountain on the outside of The Peace Center, where my brother performs.

Following are a bunch of pictures taken at Falls Park on the Reedy River.

I hate to disparage my hometown, but I wish Atlanta were more like Greenville.  There was no trash anywhere - apparently there is a delegation of street cleaners who make regular rounds both clearing random stuff and emptying the downtown trash cans.

Another example: when we went walking in the park, all the other people there were walking in the park, or walking their dogs in the park.  No one was drunk and passed out in the park, or panhandling in the park, or sleeping/living in the park.

It was splendid weather and a thoroughly enjoyable day.  We ate delectable meals here, here, here and here.  Not on the same day, mind you - we stayed a while!  It was a delightful time with some of my favorite people, a much-needed break and great fun.  All too soon it was time to return home but my sadness at the end of the trip was negated by the joy of being reunited with the puppies.  Commander Vimes helped us unpack.


  • I absolutely love your steampunk garb. Glad to hear the trip and the experience of tarot reading went well!

    By Blogger Nancy H, at 8:53 PM  

  • Gorgeous photos, including the steampunk outfit.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:51 PM  

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