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Friday, May 31, 2013

I'm currently playing this hella-cool video game called Dishonored, recommended to me by my brother Bo.  He's played it all the way through four times, so when I get stuck or puzzled, I consult him.  It is extremely fun, a great mix of stealth and fighting, although I am discovering that I'm far better at one than the other.  Text exchange between me and Bo:

Did you find out in Dishonored that if you hit a thug right at the base of the neck with a crossbow bolt, it will decrapitate him?

(That's not a typo or me being ignorant - I prefer 'decrapitate'.)

LOL,  Just finished my third playthrough - got ghost and clean hands achievements!

(Clean hands is when you don't kill anyone - you incapacitate them or hit them with a sleep dart.)

I am discovering that I'm not so good at stealth.  'Swath Of Rampant Destruction' is more my forte.  This is presenting problems.

That's how I'd recommend it - play through once violent and uncovering everything, then play again all sneaky like.  Also, I didn't know this, but you're only detected if the attention icons turn red.  That's kind of helpful.

Yeah, I knew that but thanks.  I'm having trouble sneaking b/c I do okay, then one guard spots me, yells for the whole pack and I have to slaughter everyone and it's a big mess.  

Where are you?

Assassinating High Overseer Campbell.  Luckily, killing Campbells comes naturally to us.  (There is a family feud between us and the Campbells dating back to 1692.  We know how to hold a grudge.)

You can climb out the window and get on a ledge.  I didn't know that about the red; I saved and reloaded a whole helluva lot.  Eventually it just got down to a lot.

I'm not even at the meeting site.  I can get past the gate guards to the stairs but someone in the courtyard always spots me and summons a dozen.  Well, I say 'always' - I've tried 4 times.  Once was hilarious.  I tried to blink [teleport] over to the stairs, he couldn't go that far and landed RIGHT in front of a guard.  As in, if it were real life the guard would have pooped his pants, that's how RIGHT IN FRONT of him I landed.  Alan, watching, said, "Stealth.  What you're doing is the opposite of that."

LOL.  Yeah, that happened to me a lot, too.  Want a hint, or want to do it sef?  ["Do it sef!" is the first complete sentence I uttered as a youngster.  Translation = I'll do it myself!]

I'd welcome a hint.

OK, after you free Martin, go to the right and up.  Once you're into the abbey, don't go through the courtyard.  You can go under.  Look for the kennels.

[Time passes.]

Thanks for the tip but I couldn't go that way.  I found the kennels but I kept getting demised b/c I didn't want to slay any doggies.  I wound up climbing detritus to ledges to over buildings.  I took the overland route.

That's something cool, there's almost always a secret way and an indirect way to do everything; it's really open-ended.  And yeah, I refused to kill any dogs, too - even on my evil murderer playthrough.

I get demised an awful lot, but it is fun.  Gotta go, need to kill the Pendleton twins.  Don't care if they die, unlike the doggies.


I heart my brother.


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