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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wow, what a fantabulous weekend!  Friday night was the ballet/tap recital of Little Miss Brooke - they did Thank Heaven For Little Girls


Striking a pose -

and Me and My Shadow.

at first Brookie's shadow was afraid and didn't want to dance, but she got over it just in time.

Then we re-congregated at our favorite local for noms and beverages - it was a great evening!!!

The next day, Saturday, we ran errands to the grocery store and such as usual, but that evening Mom and I had special plans. Periodically, I've purchased season tickets to the Atlanta Symphony, but not for a while.What inspired me to purchase this year was, guest violinist Itzhack Perlman doing Vivaldi's Four Seasons. He conducted Mahler's Titan, but didn't play on that one.  OMG, guys, it was SO AMAZING! And he was very funny, too, talking about the pieces; like the "Winter" segment of Four Seasons, he said, "There are two distinct kinds of cold.  I will play you Atlanta cold." [plays, pause] "Now I will play you Alaska's at least twenty degrees colder!" On Summer, he said, "Apparently Vivaldi lived somewhere in Italy where the rain fell rhythmically. That has never been my experience, as many times and places as I've been in Italy. I guess I've never been where Vivaldi was born!" I can't express how wonderful it was to hear such a virtuoso live.

I'd never heard Perlman live before, but the gentleman sitting next to me said he had, once before.  At that concert, it happened that Perlman's violin broke a string, and the gentleman said, "He didn't even react, he just sat his violin down, turned around and snatched one of the first violin's instruments and kept playing.  He maybe missed half a note."

I repeat:  AMAZING.

Wonderful weekend all around.


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