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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Today was a pretty good day.  I met my new allergist, as it's time to start Phase II of my allergy shots.  They have made such a huge difference in my respiratory as well as overall health, I only wish I'd done it sooner - but needlephobia and all that.  I quite like the new allergist, though the location is more inconvenient.  He's in a city not exactly far from my home or office, but not nearly as close to home as my previous physician.  Our first meeting brought a funny moment:

He is asking me questions about my treatment so far, results, etc. and I'm telling him how much it has improved my quality of life.

Me: For example, Saturday night was HUGE.  Our friends [Matt & Tammy, for regular readers] invited us over for a cookout and despite the ridiculous pollen count [it was over 8,000], I was able to go out into the backyard with them, drinking beers, grilling steaks and hanging out with everybody instead of having to hide indoors!

He says things about how wonderful that is to hear, how pleased he is that I'm sticking with the regimen, how he's so glad that I was able to enjoy the evening.  I remark conversationally, "They live not too far from here, in Grayson."

Him:  Really?  I live in Grayson.
Me:  [since he's familiar with the area]  They live in [Matt&Tammy's subdivision].
Him:  [gives me a not-quite-John Belusi, but one raised eyebrow nonetheless] Really?  I live in [Matt&Tammy's subdivision].
Me:  Okay, this is getting weird.  They live on [Matt&Tammy's street].
Him:  [in exactly the same intonation as before] Really?  I live on (beat) [different street than Matt&Tammy].
We laugh.

Wouldn't it have been great if he were their across-the-street neighbor?

Then more good things happened.  I needed a new black bra - actually, I needed two because I like to have one black one clean and available if the other one happens to be somewhere in the dirty clothes/laundry cycle (because certain outfits just need a black bra instead of white or pink).  As my luck would have it, both my existing black bras had the underwire break and break through the fabric within a week of each other, but I hadn't replaced them immediately because I was waiting for the date range to be good on these two sales cards I had received.  Victoria's Secret periodically gives out Secret Reward Cards when you make a purchase, which are good for either $10, $25, $50, $75, $100 or $500 off, but you don't know how much until you present the card at the register.

In the meantime, I received some Victoria's Secret coupons in the mail: one good for a free cotton panty, one for $10 off any bra.  So I went tonight to get my black bras and once I had them in hand, I asked the manager if I could possibly use all the cards at once or if they needed to be separate transactions or what.  She said that I could use them all.  At this point I was assuming that my Secret Rewards were probably $10 each because that's obviously the denomination of which they'd issue the most, but still, put with the other coupon, $30 off was significant savings.

She used the $10 off mailed coupon and my first Secret Reward, and holy undergarments, Batman! It was for $100.00!  So tonight I walked out of Vicky's with a free panty, two free bras, a free pink clutch (currently free with any purchase), AND $11.00 & change remaining on one gift card and an unknown amount still on the second one!  How awesome is that?

Stuff like that hardly ever happens to me.  It's more likely that I'd throw away a "buy one get one free" or 75% off coupon from Vicky's because I didn't really need anything, so why spend any money? -  only to have every single one of my bras destroyed in some horrific spin cycle mishap three days later, which would doubtless tear up my washing machine as well and necessitate the dispatch of the Sears repairman.

So I'm quite buoyant this evening.  I like my new doctor, I got a bag of really nice free stuff that I actually needed - well, sort of needed.  I mean, sure, I already had underwear and bras but can one ever really have too many clean undergarments?  It's sort of like knowing where one's towel is.


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