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Saturday, November 12, 2011

In which your intrepid author catches up to join the 21st century...

Everyone but me may have already known this, but I was so pleasantly surprised last evening. I intended to make a certain dessert for Alan (see previous post) and the recipe called for low-fat Cool Whip. I don't like Cool Whip (hWIP, channelling Stewie Griffin) whether low-fat or otherwise - it's too sweet and has a weird chemical-y taste. So I was going to buy cream and whip it myself, although I had doubts about how that would work within a recipe - was the whipped cream alone good enough? or did it need sugar? if so, how much?

I wandered (lonely as a cloud) through Publix debating this conundrum when I spotted, in the dairy case, right by the Reddi-Wip, cans of actual whipped cream. Publix makes cans of whipped cream that are whipped cream, not foamy perhaps-milk-based whipped dairy-like topping substitute. Ingredients are heavy cream, sugar and 2% milk. They make both heavy and light whipped cream; I bought heavy because I wanted my dessert to be rich. I was so pleased to find not only a shortcut, but a shortcut I could happily use. Alan was quite satisfied with his dessert (baby Boston creme pies) and I am glad to know that for future recipes, I can have actual real whipped cream quickly and easily, without using another mixing bowl and set of beaters.

Maybe everyone knew that already, but previously I thought all one could get in cans was imitation vaguely dairy-like topping substitute and so I was happy to find authentic whipped cream.


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