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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The first eggnog of the season has started to appear in our area grocery stores. We are big fans of eggnog at The Hellhole. Well, Alan is a fan of eggnog; I'm more of a Jaegernog girl.

[A side note, which I've blogged before but if you don't know the joys of Jaegernog: mix about 3/4 eggnog with 1/4 Jagermeister and the result: delicious goodness beyond any dream of ambrosia. I didn't invent Jagernog; Bo and Matt did. We were all at the 'rents hanging out, the 'rents had gone to bed and Bo and Matt came running into the den from the kitchen, insisting that I had to taste this drink they proffered me in a cup. Now, I'm no fool. I was sure they'd mixed together the nastiest concoction they could think of, hoping I was tipsy enough to drink it. At worst, they'd probably spit into my share. I refused and a debate ensued - no, it's really good vs. I don't believe you, YOU drink it. Finally one of them (I don't remember which but I think Matt) said, "Okay, I'll drink it!" and drained the cup. At that point, I suspended my belief that a sibling trick was being played and tried lovely, lovely, silky, creamy, delightfully intoxicating Jagernog.]

Alan was apprehensive about this year's crop of eggnog. Last year, he drank two large glasses and believed this to be the source of some severe gastrointestinal distress, which actually turned out to be The Adventure of The Assploding Appendix. Intellectually he knew that the eggnog had nothing to do with it, but he wondered if it would sicken him this year, in the way that if you get food poisoning or a stomach virus, you can't stand to even think about the last thing you ate even if you know that particular thing wasn't at fault. Also, he had that long spate of post-surgery antibiotics, which altered his tastebuds so that even old familiar things like Coca-Cola and McDonald's french fries tasted odd, if not downright bad.

We shouldn't have worried.

That's what's left after I made a 'nog run last evening after work.

Wait a seems to me that there should be rather more half-gallons here. Hmmm. *gives The Husband the squink eye*

(The big white carton is orange juice - not so good with Jaegermeister.)


  • I still haven't seen it on the shelves here. I have half a bottle of Jagermeister in the freezer, just waiting - it's definitely not good for anything else. But Jagernog is indeed a delicious holiday treat.

    By Blogger Nancy, at 10:23 PM  

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