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Monday, November 01, 2010

We're back in town after a three-day trip to Augusta to visit Alan's family. In order to take the pets, we had to rent a car because none of the carriers will fit in mine, much less four. This time we were issued a Nissan Xterra. Alan didn't like it much ("okay, but not outstanding") so it's not on his list for consideration, although it was a marked improvement in every way from the Kia Flaming Ball of Feces we were given back in December.

We loaded up all four pets but dropped the older two at my mom's on our way out of town. I am no pet psychic but I figured there were few things (being dipped in floral-scented melted candle wax, maybe) that Finnovar would like less than being uprooted and stuck into the midst of a bunch of strangers who would want to pet him and tell him that he was a pretty kitty, so he got to stay with Mom. Sprocket stayed so he could get groomed; she does such a GREAT job with him - he looks fantastic. I'd take a picture, but he'd see the camera and make sure I only got a vague black blob like he always does.

We stayed at the Doubletree, which is becoming our regular hotel for Augusta trips. It's always immaculately clean and even when there is a raucous party or two going on, like last Hallowe'en, well-built enough that it's quiet inside our room. Alan got us a big suite, which was not very expensive since Augusta is only a vacation hotspot during Masters Week. His parents and their neighbors have a Hallowe'en tradition of a big block party, grilling out, tons of treats of the "my favorites" variety like raw veggies and dip, cheeses and crackers. It was great fun and our hotel room included a jacuzzi tub so I ended each day with a Lush bath and a glass of wine.

We had a very relaxing, fun trip. Best of all, we're off tomorrow too. We have a few plans, such as going to vote, but nothing busy or stressful. Alan returns to work Wednesday but I'm off one more day, so my mom and I are going to the spa; I'm cashing in on her offer of a spa treatment as my birthday present. My birthday was back in September but we've had a lot of busy weekends so we're only now getting it scheduled.

I have a funny story from the weekend but I want to wait to relate it until I know how the last little bit transpires.


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