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Monday, July 12, 2010

Big Mac Attack

Goodness, way too long between posts again. Basically, work has been thoroughly horrible so I spent much of the weekend napping; I sleep a lot when I'm depressed, mainly because I can't sleep at normal times because I get stressed and upset. But I don't want to write about awful things, I want to write about our weekend which was wonderful.

Saturday, sausage biscuits to start, then errands which weren't bad because I spent the day with The Husband. Then a little wine and a little larger nap, and those are never bad things. We went out for dinner - just Ruby Tuesday, nothing ultra-fancy, but it was good food and stellar service and the Gray Goose was cold. So yay!

Sunday, because Alan had finally made a decision that he'd been pondering for some time regarding a new computer purchase, we had plans to hit the Apple store. This was more of a big deal for him than for many people because he works from home doing computer geekery sorts of things; he's a technical writer. So on Sunday, we headed to Lenox Mall. We stopped first at the Macy's Chanel counter for some toner for me, then the Lush store where Alan bought me much lushy goodness. Then at last to the Apple store, for Alan!

Many Macs.

<-- Mac Mini.

More Macs, on a different desk in the room.

My computers, which are not Macs.

I have a Ferrari computer. That's just how I roll.

<--- prancing pony on. Makes it better.

Although, in the interest of full disclosure, that newer Mac Mini that's still in its shrink-wrap? Alan bought that for me when he bought his new Macbook Pro. I can has Apples! (I touched the MacBook Pro earlier tonight, too! It has an illuminated keyboard. It is spiftastic.)

Then, as if the weekend wasn't fab enough, after computers were purchased Alan took me to brunch at Highland Tap. I love that place.

Waiter: Mimosa or Bloody Mary?
Me: Bloody Mary.
Waiter: Grey Goose, right?
Me: Yep.
Waiter: Spicy?
Me: You know it.
Waiter: Salt on the rim?
Me: Was there ever any doubt?
Waiter: Pepper, celery and two olives?
Me: I love you, man.

At this juncture, I should probably explain that several years ago, I went on a quest to find the best Bloody Mary in Atlanta. I drank many Bloody Marys, sometimes several weekends in a row; I had some good drinks and I had some awful drinks just so you wouldn't have to. No need to thank me - right up there with sarcasm, it's just another valuable service I provide. Hands down, no contest winner? Highland Tap. Second place, The Star Bar in Little Five Points. You might not think it, but it's true - beat many a fancy-schmancy restaurant and niche bar - trust me on this. I'm Irish, I know my alcoholic beverages.

---brunch, later on---

Waiter: Another Bloody Mary?
Me: I already think highly of you, but if you made that happen I'd love you forever.
Waiter: Consider it done.

---still later---

Waiter: Any dessert? Cheesecake? Key Lime Pie? Creme Brulee?
Me: I love me some creme brulee.
Waiter: Fresh blackberries okay?
Me: No.
Waiter: Could you maybe choke them down?
Me: I'll try.
Waiter: Two spoons then?
Me: You know it.

I love Highland Tap. I love Bloody Marys, the Apple store, and the Lush store, and my husband for making all of it possible. Life is good.


  • sounds like an awesome weekend! :)

    By Anonymous Inna, at 8:09 AM  

  • Sounds like a lovely weekend. I love Lush and boozy brunches, although I'm more of a Mimosa girl.

    By Blogger A Margarita, at 8:27 AM  

  • I was at the Apple store yesterday to transfer my old MacBook Pro to the new MacBook Pro. It is such an easy thing to do. So, even though I have a new Mac, it's just like my old one with all my familiar stuff. Love Apple.

    By OpenID dkzody, at 11:55 AM  

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