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Monday, May 17, 2010

My electric pencil sharpener just went BERSERK! It stops automatically when I pull the pencil out, but this time it didn't - it went into hyper turbo overdrive! I had to unplug it from the wall to get it to stop. My office equipment is POSSESSED.


  • Sounds like the beginning of a bad horror movie :-). Watch out for those scissors!

    By Blogger basil, at 4:59 PM  

  • Today I had to plug it back in to sharpen my pencil again and it worked fine. I guess it's only semi-possessed.

    By Blogger Helly, at 2:05 PM  

  • Is it only me that thinks its kinda funny you're super computer savvy and use a pencil??? Am I missing something here? :)

    By Anonymous Inna, at 7:39 AM  

  • I scribble a lot of notes prior to undertaking a project. I mean, A LOT of notes. And something about a newly sharpened pencil pleases me. To sign checks, contracts and official stuff, I use a purple pen. Pink would have been my first choice but I thought it might seem too foofy. So, purple. And my current pencils are Simpsons pencils.

    By Blogger Helly, at 9:19 AM  

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