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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday I spent most of the workday frustrated because my printer quit working. In the middle of a print job, it quit spitting out paper and the status screen said "processing". It stayed like this for a very long time so I canceled the job from the printer itself, using the menu buttons on the front. Then the status changed to "canceling" and it stayed like that for another very long time - as in 15 minutes or more, not 30 seconds. So I turned it off, waited 10 - 15 seconds and turned it back on, after which endeavor it would not print anything at all, no how. The computer wouldn't 'see' it, plugging it into different ports didn't work and the whole time, The Boss was bugging me to do things. I would have been happy to get some work done but for certain tasks like printing checks, the printer is pretty integral to the process.

Today I brought some extra cables from home in case it was a bad cable or plug. It wasn't, and I never figured out what went wrong yesterday, or how to fix it, but I have it re-installed, wired up and configured in a totally different way so at least I can be semi-productive.

This morning Alan took Esme by the vet because we didn't like the look of her incision. It looked like she had either pulled off the glue, though we hadn't seen her worrying at it, or it had come off some other way. In any case we were afraid of the cut opening up and thought it probably needed re-gluing. But upon examining her little tummy, Dr. Mike said that was exactly how the incision was supposed to look, and not to even put any Neosporin on it so as to avoid attracting any undue attention. Everything is fine on that score and I'm hugely relieved.

Puppy class continues to be fun and educational. Mister Fusspot still refuses to sit on command. He sits at other times, however, and understands other commands. We greatly enjoy interacting with them outside class, reinforcing the new behaviours. At home, we also involve our older dog and he's learning as well, although Sprocket is a bit too smart for his own good. "Sit", for example: the other evening I was giving the command and he'd lower his butt a few inches and look at me for his treat. You could almost hear an exasperated sigh when he realized I wasn't giving in, that he would have to sit all the way down to be rewarded.

I've read a couple of new books but neither was good enough to warrant a recommendation, so that's about all the news from The Hellhole.


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