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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Welcome back to Helly's House O'Memes!

I had kind of a traumatic day today because I had to go to the doctor for something I've neglected for way too many years (uh, yeah - years), but because I don't think many of you would enjoy reading about my worry, stress and upset over the violation of my Lady Parts, here's a meme.

What is your opinion of the heath care system in your country?
I think it kinda stinks, and for more varied reasons than most people consider, but I don't think the answer is government-subsidized/socialized health care - because, I mean, our government does such a bang-up job with everything else (that was sarcasm). But I feel a bit hypocritical griping about it because I have really great insurance - my visit today even with all the testing cost me $20 - so I don't have grounds for bitching.

What time do you get up in the morning?
7:30 on weekdays. On weekends, usually much later.

Of all the offensive things people could do, what offends you the most?
Wow, there are so many to choose from that I don't know where to start. I think probably just unwarranted everyday rudeness, like when a customer is rude to a store clerk for no reason or a restaurant patron is nasty and condescending to their waiter/waitress. I hate that. Even if something goes so awry that you have to complain you don't need to be a total a-hole - you can be firm but pleasant.

What is your opinion on smoking bans? Does your city enforce no smoking in public buildings and restaurants? I am not sure but I think it may be a ban in my whole state, not just particular cities. I don't smoke but I honestly don't have a problem with designated smoking areas in restaurants or people being allowed to smoke in bars. Their lungs, their choice. Oh, I know, secondhand smoke, oh the horror! But really I probably breathe ten times worse stuff commuting to my job. I tend to be very much a 'live and let live' kind of person. Or, y'know, live and let die, as the case may be.

Do you think dodgeball should be banned from schools? Hell, no! Not unless you want to raise several generations of complete WUSSES. Back in my day, games were dangerous and toys had sharp metal edges. This is because in my youth, fun was EDUCATIONAL. "But she could cut herself!" "Well, that would be a valuable lesson, then, wouldn't it?" [joke stolen/paraphrased from Terry Pratchett.] But the point is, you had to be smart and wily and cunning to survive kidhood in my day. Recess was not for the faint of heart! I think that was a good thing. What didn't kill me made me strong, and all that.

Do you believe in feng-shui?
Yes, sort of. For one thing, I'm certain that the mind is a very suggestible thing and thus, if one believes feng shui works, it does make one feel better and ergo, it works. For another, "[t]here are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy" - I believe in the possibility, I suppose is what I mean; after all, far more unlikely things than feng-shui are true. Why not?

What is your opinion of home schooling?
I think it's a great option if people live in an area of poor public schools and can't afford private institutions. I do think that not everyone who home schools ought to be (I can think of a couple of personal examples) but then that's true of most anything, isn't it?

Did/do you have braces? If you could now, would you get braces?
I never had braces but I had to wear a retainer. I may need one again; some of my teeth seem to be moving further apart as I age - maybe because my wisdom teeth were removed? I dunno. I want those porcelain implants that screw into your jaw so you never have problems or pain or decay.

Pick One!
Cats or dogs?
Yes. Many of each. I love puppehs and kittehs too much to ever choose just one.
Wine: red or white? Red, though I like both.
Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? Merry Christmas. I think political correctness has run frickin' amok in our society and regardless of my religious beliefs, I would never be offended at someone wishing me Merry Christmas. Mr. Garrison said it better than I ever could.
Modern or classic? Classic. No question.
Sandwiches: hot or cold? I love a hot sammich if it has meat and cheese, but I think a hot peanut butter sammich would be kind of gross, don't you?

Would you ever streak across the playing field of a live broadcast sporting event? Not unless someone paid me copious amounts of money to do so - I would totally do it for enough cizzash. But it would have to be so much money that it would make it worthwhile having to go through the rest of my life being known as the fat chick who streaked across the starting line moments before the Indy 500. Like people would point at me and laugh, but then someone would say, "Well, yeah, but she got paid $15 million dollars for doing that!" and the other people would reply, "Oh, well, for that much money, I'd have done it too!"


  • Lady Parts would be a great name for a twee band.

    By Blogger Alan, at 9:03 AM  

  • Lol, I would totally streak too for 15 million dollars.

    I have a retainer too, and I still wear it most nights.

    By Blogger A Margarita, at 9:43 AM  

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