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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Here is another meme: the 3 things meme. List 3 of each:

Pet Peeves: (1) the phrase "close proximity" - if it's in proximity to something, it IS close! That's what the freakin' word means! An object can't be in far proximity to something; (2) habitual unrepentant lateness; (3) stuff (books, CDs, DVDs, condiments) left in jumbled non-alphabetical order.

Favorite Sounds
: (1) the Fruity Oaty Bar song; (2) my kitty making purrs; (3) the simulated F1 engine roar my Ferrari laptop makes upon start-up. (I also like the click-click-click of doggy toenails on hardwood floors, a sound I'd never thought about how much I liked until Mr. Nancy mentioned that he absolutely loathed it, in a nails-on-a-chalkboard kind of way.)

Favorite Candy
: (1) cherry Twizzlers; (2) Hershey bars (plain, no nuts); (3) Reese's peanut butter cups.

Biggest Fears
: (1) death - my own; (2) death - loved ones; (3) slugs.

Biggest Challenges
: (1) having more patience; (2) keeping my temper; (3) not judging others too harshly.

Favorite Department Stores
: (1) Dillard's; (2) Neiman's; (3) Kohl's (because *heavy sigh* I miss Rich's)

Most Used Words
: (1) like (in the improper way, as in, "...he was all, like, 'NUH-UH!'"); (2) the Dreaded Eff Word; (3) fucknuttery/fuckwittage (acts of extreme incompetence, stupidity and irritation performed by fucknuts/fuckwits - and these are usually "afoot", as in, upon seeing someone backing up a ginormous SUV against the flow of traffic through a two-lane-each-way four-lane intersection [non-Atlantans might think I'm making that up], "Whoa, there's, like, extreme fucknuttery afoot!").

Favorite Pizza Toppings
: (1) pepperoni; (2) mushrooms; (3) black olives.

Favorite Cartoon Characters
: (1) Invader Zim; (2) Spongebob Squarepants; (3) Bart Simpson.

Movies Recently Watched
: (1) Cars; (2) Wall-E; (3) Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Favorite Fruits
: (1) nanners; (2) watermelon; (3) oranges.

Favorite Vegetables
: (1) taters; (2) corn; (3) green beans.


  • Oh, geez, you would HATE my CD towers, racks, etc. Nearly a thousand CDs, most of them randomly distributed. Fortunately, I have an excellent spatial memory and tend to remember pretty well where the particular CD I'm looking for is.

    Also, since I got my iPod a few years back, I have mostly stopped listening to CDs. It's so much nicer having everything in digital format, and with my tinnitus issue I don't hear any real difference between CD quality and digital format.

    My DVDs and books, on the other hand, are arranged alphabetically (or will be once I settle on final locations for the bookshelves and CD racks).


    By Blogger Phil, at 1:40 PM  

  • Phil, she really does alphabetize the condiments in the refrigerator, and gives me A Look if I put something out of place. It does make things easier to find, though. If we ever have an actual pantry, I'm sure everything there will be in alphabetical order also.

    By Blogger Alan, at 4:04 PM  

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