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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I have many things about which to blog, but life has been getting in my way.  The first and most coolest thing is that back on October 15, I got a text from Matt saying he thought a mystery box might be arriving at my house that day.  We were going to a Rush concert together soon, and so I thought he might be sending me their latest CD or the book which accompanies it;  I already have the CD but I wouldn't have said anything other than 'thank you' - I'd never have let him know.

So then around 6PM a box shows up at our door with the familiar Amazon logo, but it was huge!  Obviously not a book or a CD...Matt had made a reference to my blog in his texts and I thought he must have bought us a barrel of pretzels, because I'd blogged about that, but the box was really heavy - Alan had trouble wrangling it inside.

If you're a regular reader, remember a few days ago when I blogged about us making our own pesto, and wishing I had a better food processor?  Imagine my delight and surprise when I opened the Amazon box from Matt, and discovered the top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art Cuisinart!  He'd read on my blog that I wanted one, and sent it!  It has EVERYTHING, even a dough blade.

I couldn't wait to use it and made some smoothies and chopped some veggies.  That made me so happy - an unexpected present is always nice, but one with so much thought and conssideration???  Wow.  I love my brother.

Hey, guys, apropos of nothing, have I ever happened to mention how much I really really really want a Ferrari 458 Spider?  No?  Well, I really really really do.

just in case you want to out-do Matt...


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