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Sunday, June 06, 2010

I had the loveliest day yesterday, most unexpectedly. Rick had agreed to let his 12-year-old daughter have a "Kick Off The Summer" pool party, so I texted my friend Anne, Rick's live-in girlfriend, gloating about how giggling, screaming tweens were about to invade her house. She responded that she might make it through thanks to a pitcher of margaritas and I texted back that I hated to sound like a lush since it was barely noon, but I seriously craved one of her margaritas. She makes GREAT margaritas, y'all. So then Anne texted, "Come on over wid yo' bad self and I will hook you up!"

I tried and tried, for at least 30 seconds, but I couldn't think of a reason not to take her up on that, so we did our grocery shopping (our Publix of choice is very near Anne & Rick's house) and Alan dropped me off for margaritas and floating. In my defense of being rude by more or less inviting myself over, I will say that I brought 2 dozen mini cupcakes for the kidlets, a platter of crudites & ranch dip and a six of Corona for the grown-ups. But it got even better, as they had bought a lot of hot dogs and hamburgers, expecting more kids than actually turned up, so invited us to stay and partake.

Is there anything better than floating in a pool, sipping a cocktail in the sunshine while hotdogs and burgers sizzle on a grill nearby? Snuggling into bed on freshly laundered, high-thread-count sheets comes close, but that's all I can think of - it was WONDERFUL. I offered to pay Rick rent for this one square of his pool, if he'd let me live there and occasionally bring me adult beverages and tasty grilled things, but he says that's just a perk of being his friend.

I'm not gonna argue with him. I'm not really the argumentative sort, after all.


  • Mmmmm I love Margaritas, and Pools, and just chiling :)

    By Anonymous Inna, at 7:51 AM  

  • Yeah, what a lovely day indeed! I'm glad you got to do that.

    By Blogger Nancy, at 2:27 PM  

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