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Friday, February 05, 2010

Alan went to the doctor Thursday - no real problems, just a follow-up to a routine physical. They want him on a mild blood-pressure medication; he is close to the boundaries of normal but edging into the high side. He's taking Lisinopril, which is derived from the venom of the jararaca, a Brazilian pit viper. My husband's on fang meds - how cool is that?!?

Now, while he was at the doctor, she asked if he wanted a free pill case. He said sure, thinking of those small plastic cases in white or pastel plastic, lettered with the days of the week that are usually 5" - 6" long. Then she said, "Hey, do you want one for your wife?" Sure, why not?

Well, the free pill case she gave him was unbelievably, ginormously huge - so large that each day-box could hold either several dozen various medications or a couple of elephant tranquilizers. New readers probably think I'm exercising hyperbole, but veteran readers will know that the more ridiculous something I write seems, the more likely it is to be 100% accurate.

Therefore, I give you photographic evidence of our free pill case, which was not the small 1/2" x 5" case one finds in the drugstore.

Alan said, "Just how many pills does this beeyotch think we're gonna be taking?!?"

(I don't have great big man-hands, you know.)

I suppose the perspective does look like I'm holding it loomingly close to the camera, as compared to my sweatshirt's Thrashers logo.

No, it's really that big, but I shall demonstrate further.

Here is the pill case compared to Baby Esme, who is a whole entire DOG, albeit a toy one.

For the final picture, I chose to compare the pill case to one of my slippers.

"Alan!" I shrieked. "My feet are only six days long!"


  • I know people who take 47 pills a day. I guess that pill box would be made for them. Me, my daily vitamin pill and glucosamine/chondrotin pill would be quite lonely in such a big box.

    By Blogger basil, at 3:34 PM  

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