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Monday, January 11, 2010

Another thing I meant to blog about that was lost in the chaos of assploding tyres, assploding appendices, wrecks...

When we were in Augusta, Alan's dad had this newspaper that he gave to me, The Jail Report. Thankfully, they are also online. I took that newspaper back to our hotel and laughed and laughed. It's wonderful - basically, arrest reports and accompanying mugshots from Alan's hometown, but oh, how funny! A good story detailed this man who came home to find an intruder, relaxing in his recliner, watching his DVDs and drinking his wine - just generally kicking back in his house. She tried to escape by jumping out a window, stealing more wine and his telephone jack. I vaguely remember that she caused a ruckus once she got to jail for booking (go figure!). Ooooh, edited to add link to that story!

One feature in the edition I had was a gallery of (I may have the details wrong after two weeks) something like 18 mugshots, all of the same guy detailing his arrests through the years. But there were enough mugshots to fill a half-page and the guy was around 23. The best bit, however, is Fun With Captions - my favorite mugshot is what's shown currently as the middle guy, second row, but many are guffaw-inducing.

Click, enjoy and remember - this is Alan's hometown, not mine.


  • Whenever I look through the site, I keep waiting to see people I went to school with featured. I'm sure they're on there somewhere...

    By Blogger Alan, at 8:26 AM  

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