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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I post far more pictures of the Chihuahuas than I do of my older dog, Sprocket (a/k/a Sprocket-Rocket Hero Pup). This is not a case of 'out with the old, in with the new' or favoritism; I love that little doggy more than I can express. Rather, it's a matter of opportunity.

The Chihuahuas will pause, pose, even mug for the camera. Sprocket, in contrast, has two speeds: flat out and full stop. If I take a picture of him in repose, because he is mostly black fur with dark brown eyes and a black nose, generally I get photos of furry blobs. If I try to take a picture of him doing something cute, I wind up with a picture of some or most, but rarely all, of Sprocket. He'll be playing or looking back at me adorably, and in the split second between my pressing the shutter button and the camera taking a picture, he's shot away in search of a toy.

Back in the days before digital cameras, children, we had to use something called "film" which then had to be "developed" into "prints". In those olden days I had a Canon SLR which resulted in - I am not kidding - somewhere between two and three hundred pictures of 1/2 to 3/4 of Sprocket. So he's not featured as much, not because he's not loved every bit as much but because it's more difficult.

When it occurred to me to write this post, I thought it'd be cute to end with a rare, adorable picture of The Sprock, so I asked Alan to nab him and hold him still.

I intended to end this post not with the likes of the above but with a cute picture of our adorable eldest dog; however, I suppose these are far more apt. Literally illustrating my point, he is.


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