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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

So the other day, Sham-Wow guy Vince got busted for beating up a hooker! Looks like they won't be pressing charges because he was hitting her to get her to let go of his tongue, which she'd bitten. Vince has tarnished my image of him. Now I'm just waiting for the sex tape to be released, where he looks up often to ask, "You followin' me, camera guy?"

I bought some Sham-Wows a couple of weeks ago. I didn't order them from the ad on television within the next 20 minutes, 'cause Vince can't do this all day. I saw a box of them at Kohl's and picked them up. I wanted to use them for doggy towels, figuring that if they worked half as well as depicted in the ads, I could get a post-bath doggy much drier, much faster.

Verdict: somewhere in between. They don't work as miraculously as shown in the commercial - it's not like one pass with the Sham-Wow and the dog is completely dry - but they do work better than a regular towel, even the extra-thick fluffy towel I designated for doggy use some time ago. Either way, you should probably buy some in case Vince needs more bail money.


  • I found Sham-Wow at Walgreens and bought some. I agree with your assessment.

    The TV actually made me NOT want to buy them. The product looked appealing but the announcer grated on me. This level of annoyance is only equaled by the guy who advertises Oxy-Clean who annoys me so much I have to mute him and sometimes leave the room when his commercials appear.

    By Blogger basil, at 3:43 PM  

  • I had to 'google' Sham-wow when I read about the guy...duh.

    I want BOLT too! but don't have anyone at whom to whine...Bucky just doesn't listen! hee hee


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:01 AM  

  • Billy Mays is the Oxy-Clean Guy. The news guys on WSB morning radio were talking about this and mentioned that they have to turn the television down a few notches whenever a Billy Mays commercial comes on, he's THAT loud.

    Mom, I can't believe you haven't seen a Sham-Wow commercial. Vince does one for the Slap Chop, too, including such classic lines as, "You're gonna love my nuts!" and "Fettuccine, linguini, martini, bikini!"

    By Blogger Helly, at 9:06 AM  

  • I have seen the Slap Chop ones and thought I was hearing him incorrectly! hee hee

    Billy Mays should have his own personal volume control! He also does KaBoom commercials (I think it's the same guy) and those are superloud too...I wonder if producers think we pay more attention to the loud ones. I believe the opposite to be true; at least, it is for me!

    BTW, have you noticed that your 'word verifications' often look like words you would create yourself? Today's word sounds like Hellyspeak; 'it's ackindh like Twinkies without the cream'...hee hee


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:21 AM  

  • I've never even heard of a Sham-Wow, nor seen one at the store. Although, I've been a total hermit since Xmas, so maybe I missed the commercial heyday. (apparently only I'm out of the loop, as Leigh-Ann's seen the commercials)

    We have purchased KaBoom though - it smelled nice, but I like this other thing I found for cleaning the toilet. It's basically a cardboard brush w/ cleaning stuff on it, and you attach it to a plastic handle that hangs off the side of the toilet (or you can put it away if you want, but I'm more likely to use something if it's in front of my face) - you brush, brush, brush the toilet, then when you're done, you pop the cardboard cleaning head off and flush it. I actually bought it by accident. I saw the cleaning heads in the sale bin at the grocery store and didn't realize you needed a handle to go with them. So, I had to order the handle online so I could use my "bargain". Nevertheless, it turned out to be a worthwhile purchase.

    I'm going to post this, and then get up to find out what the name of my little cleaner "system" is and then post again.

    By Anonymous Flippy, at 10:10 AM  

  • Ah, it's called a "Scrub 'n Flush", but it looks like it's getting harder to find online. That makes me sad because I do like the convenience of it, cleaner implement & cleaner product in one.

    Interesting captcha I just got - paweard. That's what it's called when Phoenix sticks her paw in her ear and then chews on her paw, I think.

    By Anonymous Flippy, at 10:17 AM  

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