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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I have some news about the Skanky Neighbor House next door: it has been foreclosed upon and is being auctioned off on the first Tuesday in August! I saw this in the legal notices section of our local paper. The original loan amount was reported as $75,000.00 - the property alone is worth way more than that, even if the Pigbys did trash the house all to hell.

This may not mean the end of Skanky Neighbor stories because everyone who's lived in that house has been at best odd, at worst total skanks (Pigbys!). The lady who used to do our lawn thinks the house itself is cursed, and that even if you're normal when you move in *cue eerie sound effect* the house will get you sooner or later. I'm torn - it's been nice not to have any loud, obnoxious neighbors strewing trash (and toilets!) around their lawn, but I suppose having the house occupied would bode better for our chances of selling ours.

I'm not sure how the auction thing works. Like, does bidding start at the amount owed on the loan, or does bidding start at whatever someone offers? Does the bank have to sell it for whatever the highest bid is, or can they keep it if the only bids are ridiculously low? It seems like with the abundance of foreclosures, the bank would want to sell it for (almost) whatever they could get, to at least make some money instead of having yet another title in the huge file of defaulted-mortgages. While it seems most unlikely that we could pick up that property for $10, I wonder who'd bid on it with the house in its totally trashed state, when even our small local paper is chock-full of foreclosed property auctions. It seems like you could bid a little more and get a house that was ready for resale or rental, so why bother with this one?

Do any of y'all know how that works?


  • Our fave advert at the moment, on tele, is the Verizon "dead zone" advert. Do you know the one? The one where people move into a new house and the "scary" lady comes and tells them about the "dead zone" and the fact that "calls disappear"?

    If you don't manage to buy the house (and, if you could put in a bid for $20 for us [we're good for it] we could be neighbours) you really, really have to start practising saying:

    You've got crab grass!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:06 PM  

  • I know EXACTLY the commercial you're talking about, Will! Hee hee.

    I will go as high as $100 on the property, since it's you, but I will only accept repayment in the form of Corona.

    By Blogger Helly, at 10:19 PM  

  • $100!!! Do you think I'm made of Corona?

    $80 is my max. Mainly because the commute to work is going to be a bitch. And that commute means that I won't be able to work in the garden, clean the gutters, do anything around the house...damn, I'll become a skanky neighbour.

    Ha, ha! I see through your cunning plan. Get me to move in and you can blog about me every day.

    Ooo, anything to help a fellow blogger. Go to $120 and I'll through in salt and lemons.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:46 PM  

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