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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Last night I went to the Hawks/Knicks game. I’m not a basketball fan at all, but at least once a year, we treat our biggest client to either a basketball or a hockey game. With the expiration of the NHL’s collective bargaining agreement on 9/15, hoops it was. Just my luck. Still, it was fun hanging out in the suite, eating barbecued chicken and chatting with people. We all got free Hawks caps, too. I don’t wear caps very often, but free is good. The Hawks actually did well and sent the game to overtime. They had plenty of chances to win the game, but in true Atlanta sporting tradition, blew every one of them. After all the client representatives had left, the WGB treated himself to a martini and me to a vodka tonic. Cost: $25. Yes, $25 for two drinks. Normal drinks, not doubles or giant mugs o’liquor. Granted, he didn’t buy cheap disgusting vodka, but it was just normal premium vodka, didn’t come in a Faberge egg or anything. Sheesh.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a book review/recommendation. Well, it’s been a while since I finished a book...however, I caught up on some of my reading over the holiday weekend.

Midnight Graffiti, a great collection of short stories loaned to me by Alan, with an uncommonly wide range of styles. Some of the authors were old favorites, like Neil Gaiman, and some were new to me, like Joe Lansdale. My favorite stories were “Bob the Dinosaur” and “Sister Claudine”. Highly recommended.

Every Secret Thing, by Laura Lippman - an entertaining, better-than-average mystery/suspense novel. Although there were some pretty obvious hints about which way the surprise twists were trending, it didn’t turn out in exactly the manner I thought it would. I particularly liked the very realistic way she portrayed her characters; these people were truly human, with both good qualities and less-than-desirable characteristics. No one was a palladin, if you will - just people trying to get through life as best they knew how. The reporter storyline seemed superfluous to me; I couldn’t figure out why we needed those portions of the narrative. It seemed the story could have advanced without the addition of still more bit players, the ‘newspaper’ ones in particular. But that’s a small gripe. I give it an ‘overall good’ - definitely worth reading if you like the genre.



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