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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I just took this quiz. Quite fun and I enjoyed his/her humour in the answers, too. I got a 127.5, proving that I have no life outside music. I did go back and change an answer where I knew the lyric, but misspelled it (the Eagles song). Tell me how you guys do.

And just so Alan doesn't dump me - yes, honey, I got The Clash song right.

I'm not working the rest of the week, so no high-speed access, so no updates (probably). Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!



  • 83.05. She took off 30% because I think I was probably born before Woodstock happened (called me a yuppie -- am I a yuppie? -- I'll take responsibility for plaid, though...).

    Not bad for someone who boycotted radio from 1983 to 1997.

    And, yes, I -am- a God(dess) for knowing "colitas," but I said "temple" rather than "prophet" (damn).

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:01 PM  

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