The Hellhole

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Commander Vimes is a devious little schemer.  There are three doggy baskets in Alan's study, but over the years no one has claimed possession of any one in particular.  All three dogs lounge in each of the baskets, switching around depending on their little doggy whim.

Sometimes, however, it appears that Vimes wants a certain basket which is already occupied.  When this happens, he will go somewhere else - the couch, the dog pillow in the bedroom across the hall, the bed itself, and wait a while.  When all is peaceful and quiet, Vimes will leap up, barking furiously, and charge to the front of the house.  This action causes the other two to follow suit.  Then, while Mister Fusspot and Esme are up front, barking away and searching for whatever it is that needs barking at, Vimes will trot back to the study and settle into the recently vacated basket that he coveted, turn around three times, and flop down with a smug, complacent sigh.


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