The Hellhole

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Early morning. I am commuting. The Boss is already at the office, picking up some stuff before he leaves for a meeting, including some cash I got for him that is stashed in my desk drawer. My cell phone rings.

The Boss: Why do you have a hemostat?

Me: (confused) What's a hemostat?

The Boss: It's for when you smoke joints; you use it to hold the roaches when they get too short.

Me: I don't have one of those!!

The Boss: Yes you do, it's in your desk drawer.

Me: (suspiciously) What's it look like?

The Boss: Well, it's a metal thing with handles and a clamp, like you'd use to hold a joint.

Me: Ohhh, my scissor-handled tweezers! That's not for smoking weed!

The Boss: What's it for, then?

Me: It's for when I have to take my computer apart like when I changed out my DVD drive. I have to use that thing to plug and unplug the cables so I don't break my nails.

The Boss: [pause] You know what? Knowing you, that makes perfect sense.


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