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Monday, August 04, 2008

I was going to do a video blog post, because all the cool kids are doing it, and because my spiffy new digital camera will take video. But it was too hard to figure out. I couldn't tell how to do it by looking at the camera, and the quick-start guide referred me to the big instruction booklet. That told me to do it by pressing a series of buttons, only some of which - but not all - appeared to exist on my camera. The pictures in the user guide had arrows pointing to buttons in places that I did not seem to have any; one of which, for example, was helpfully identified as "Button Two" but I can tell you, neither the word "two" nor the numeral 2 appears anywhere on my camera. Then when I thought I had it FINALLY figured out, what I got was a series of blurry still photographs of my feet (which, hey, there may be a market for that, particularly on sites, but not what I was trying for).

When I saw that instead of a video, I had blurry pictures of my feet, I got frustrated and put the instructions away and set the camera aside. I get frustrated very easily, not when I'm doing something that I know from the outset is going to be difficult or challenging - for that type of thing, I'm pretty patient and easy-going, but when I try to do something that ought to be very easy, but totally isn't, it takes very little to discourage me. So the bad news is no video today, but the good news is no photographs of my piggy-toes either (I deleted them. The photos, not my piggy-toes.).


  • Stephen Fry has an interesting review of two cheap and cheerful pocket camcorders that do easy uploads to youtube - it's on Dork Talk today.

    By Blogger neil h, at 3:46 PM  

  • Mine has a tiny little picture of a movie camera with a switch beside it. I set the switch, then pushed the "take a picture" button (isn't there a word for that?) and it started recording. The hard part was getting it to youtube because iPhoto doesn't recognize it. But, Image Capture from the Applications menu does. I learned that from Google, which sometimes is my friend. I hope you figure out how to make a video, even though I already know what your voice sounds like. :-)

    By Blogger Nancy, at 6:47 PM  

  • Is it a daft question to ask but...why were you pointing the camera at your toes anyhoo?

    Was this going to be a video about your feet?

    Is this the next topic for videoing??

    I'm off for a pedicure.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:57 PM  

  • I guess I didn't convey it well, but that was part of my frustration. I didn't want pictures of my toes and had no intention of making a video of my feet.

    What would happen was, I'd think I had followed the directions and had started a video, but then I'd realize nothing was recording so I'd hold the camera closer to scrutinize the buttons and figure out where I'd gone wrong, and whenever I'd tilt it forward, I'd hear a little *snik!* and lo, instead of video of my den, I had blurry stills of my feet (though upon reflection, they probably are the most photogenic part of me).

    By Blogger Helly, at 10:05 AM  

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