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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I'm a bit late posting my Exciting Weekend Recap because I was distracted by my psychic dream. Well, Nancy and Mark came up on Saturday. Mark helped Alan move the last of his stuff and, although it's not unpacked, it's all out of his apartment and in my garage. While that was going on, Nancy and I hung out, chatted, drank mimosas - yeah, the men lifted heavy objects while the women lounged about, thus restoring the natural order of the universe. We all had lunch together and they headed back to Athens once we picked up Nancy's car, which was having a mirror replaced after an unfortunate act of violence (it was attacked by a marauding garage).

I won a prize in Kristy's photo caption contest! Her blog fascinates me; her life is so totally dissimilar to mine. I doubt I could keep even one child healthy and happy...oh, let's not kid ourselves, could I even keep one child ALIVE? I'd probably drive off and leave it strapped into the shopping cart at the grocery store - by accident, I mean - and she succeeds with SEVEN. And excels at it, did I mention excels? Anyway, Poetical and I won her contest and I'm excited!

Sprocket had a second date with Shu on Monday! This time, they were alone together while Lachele and I grabbed a bite to eat. No property was destroyed and both dogs looked remarkably unchewed when we returned. After lunch, we took them on a walk around my parents’ property; later on, Shu stayed with us while Lachele went to a meeting. The doggies actually stayed in the same room with each other for several minutes and sniffed once or twice at each other. There was still far less interaction than expected but I suppose they’re still trying to play it cool. Sprocket likes her, he’s just not ready to let her know that.

I took lots of cute pictures of the little fuzzies which I hope to post if I can figure out how - it’s probably not that complex but I keep getting interrupted at work before I can read anything through and at home, we’re still on dial-up, making everything mega-slow and frustrating. That’s not by choice, by the way - but the DSL-obtaining saga is a whole different story. Suffice it to say that everyone wants to sell us DSL but no one is sure - or correct - about whether it’s available.

Fuckwittage runs rampant about the office today. It’s too bad I didn’t major in Early Childhood Education, because I sure seem to spend a lot of time among kindergarteners.



  • Congratulations on the contest! I checked, and your caption was the funniest. I wouldn't have expected any less.

    By Blogger Nancy, at 9:28 AM  

  • I hope you like your prize... I am a terrible gift giver and the fact that I DON'T KNOW YOU in real life makes it a little difficult!

    By Blogger kristal, at 9:18 AM  

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